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Custom Facebook Share Button

Few Days Back I Was Making A Facebook Share Button For My Website But I Wanted To Make a Button With My Custom Design Like Custom Image ,  Summary , Title etc . But I Was Not Getting Any Proper solution . Then I Found Out A Simple Way To Customize Facebook Share Button . So Here I Am Sharing You What I Found.

To Make A Facebook Share Button You Just Need To Add This  Tag In Your HTML/ASP Page.

<a href=”;p%5Btitle%5D=My First Blog&amp;p[summary]=This Is First Geek Blog&amp;p[url]=;&p[images][0]=”>Facebook Share</a>

Here You Can See That I have 4 Fields .

1.Title .. Here you Can Put The Title Of Your Link

2.Summary .. Here You Can Write Your Website Description.

3. URL..Here You Can Write The URL Of Your Website.

4.images .. Here You Can Give The URL Of Your Image.

Asp.Net Users Can Also Dynamically Bind The Data ..

<a id=”lnkFacebook” target=”_blank” runat=”server”>Facebook Share</a>

In c# ..

string title =”My First Blog”;
string url=”;;
string summery=”This Is First Geek Blog”;
string image=”;;

string facebooklink = “;p%5Btitle%5D=”+title;
facebooklink += “&amp;p[summary]=”+summery;
facebooklink += “&amp;p[url]=” + url;
facebooklink += “&amp;&p[images][0]=” + image;
lnkFacebook.HRef = facebooklink;

I have Just Shown an Example . Now You Can Play With This as Much as you Want..:)

I Have Also Attached  Image To Show How Your URL Will Be Displayed ..

Hope This Post Will Help you Somehow . . 🙂

Waiting For Your Valuable Feedback.